Amid the choices available for fences in Melbourne, split rail fencing is an alternative worth considering.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to split rail fencing and its key features. We will also delve into the advantages it brings and offer practical tips for maintaining its appeal and functionality. Whether you are attracted to its looks or ability to fit naturally into different surroundings, split rail fencing could be an excellent choice for your premises.

What is split rail fencing?

Split rail fences are also known as post and rail fences. It is a traditional style of fencing that is characterised by its simple yet rural appearance.

The basic design of this fencing style is very simple. Split rail fencing consists of horizontally placed rails that are inserted into vertical posts. As simple as that. The rails are often placed between the posts without the need for nails or fasteners, making them relatively easy to install.

You can come across split rail (post and rail fencing) in rural and country settings. They are an excellent choice for properties with larger areas to fence.

Benefits of split rail fencing

Below you can find the top five benefits of split rail fences:

Post and rail fencing Victoria

  1. Aesthetics: Split rail fences have a rustic charm. They looks simple and have an open design. They can complement rural and even suburban landscapes as they have that classic and timeless look.
  2. Natural Blend: As split rail fences are made out of timber (usually), they blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. They do not disrupt the visual flow of your landscape and are a good choice for properties with picturesque views.
  3. Cost-Effective: Split rail fence is relatively affordable compared to other types of fencing, such as steel fencing. The materials required for its construction are minimal. It is a budget-friendly fencing choice in Melbourne.
  4. Easy Installation: Split rail fences have a simple design, making the installation a relatively straightforward process. 
  5. Low Maintenance: Split rail fences require minimal maintenance. All you need is a periodic inspection, occasional re-staining or replacement any damaged rails.

Post & Rail Fencing Melbourne

Maintenance of the post and rail fences

Maintenance of split rail fencing, especially in Melbourne’s climate, is essential to ensure its aesthetics, longevity and functionality. Below, you can find a few maintenance tips:

  1. Regular Inspections

    Regular inspections of your split rail fence are necessary to detect any signs of damage. For example, leaning posts or rusty (rotting) rails. Early detection allows fixing the damage as soon as possible, avoiding further issues. 

  2. Cleaning the Fence

    Cleaning your fence on a regular basis improves the appearance of your fencing but also ensures that it will not encounter further issues. Removing dirt and debris from the rails and posts will do exactly that. 

  3. Repainting or Staining

    If your split rail fence is a timber fence and has previously been painted or stained, it may require periodic touch-ups. Removing old peeling paint and then repainting or re-staining it can protect your wooden post and rail fence from external weathering factors. 

  4. Take Care of the Damaged Parts

    Any damaged or rusty (rotten) rails or posts should be replaced promptly. It will help prevent further problems with the structural integrity of the fence. 

  5. Trimming Vegetation

    Plants, vines and trees (if possible) should be kept away from your split rail fence as overgrown vegetation can accelerate rusting and rotting (if timber fence). 

  6. Loose Fasteners

    Any screws or nails that hold the rails to the posts must be checked on a regular basis. If they are loose they should be tightened or replaced if damaged.

  7. Harsh Chemicals

    Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your post and rail fences as they not only harm the environment but can damage the surface of your fence (depending on the material of your fencing).

  8. Weathering

    To protect your fence from weathering, especially located in areas continuously exposed to heavy rains or strong sun/wind, you may want to invest in weather-resistant coatings to protect the fence. Luckily, most metal fences are powder coated, which protects your fence from external factors as such.

  9. Professional Help

    Some professional fencing companies offer fencing and gate maintenance services. Diamond Fence offers repair services. Hence, if your fence is damaged and needs some repairing, contact us today. We will help out!

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