Whether you are seeking for a sturdy or visually appealing steel fencing solution in Melbourne, you can turn to steel batten fencing. If you do not know what batten fencing is, do not worry, as this blog post will cover exactly that.

In this blog post, we will furthermore focus on some of the benefits and applications of steel batten fencing but also how to maintain this fencing type correctly.

What is steel batten fencing?

Steel batten fencing is a popular fencing type in Melbourne. It refers to a fencing system constructed out of steel battens. The next question is: what are battens? Steel battens are thin (typically) and narrow steel bars, either arranged vertically or horizontally, that form a steel fence with desired measurements and visual looks.

Battens can be made out of other materials as well. However, using steel for battens ensures that you will have a solid barrier that provides strength, durability, and a modern aesthetic simultaneously.

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Benefits of batten fences

Some of the main benefits of batten fencing are:

1. Security
2. Privacy
3. Decorative purposes / visually appealing fence solution
4. Strong and weather-resistant
5. Long-lasting and durable fencing option

Security and privacy may be self-explanatory as these are the two main benefits of most steel fences. Steel batten fences are long-lasting and difficult to breach or damage.

When it comes to decorative purposes, evenly spaced battens that are attached to posts or horizontal rails create a barrier that is pleasing to look at. Additionally, various styles and finishes will match the aesthetic preferences of the fencing owner.

You can choose the spacing between the steel battens. Whether they are closer together or spread wider apart will determine the desired level of privacy and the airflow of the fencing.

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How to maintain steel batten fencing?

Every steel fence requires some maintenance to ensure its longevity. Below are seven general guidelines to follow when cleaning steel batten fencing:

  1. The cleaning of your fence should be done regularly. That includes periodically removing dirt, dust and any accumulated debris on and around your batten fencing. A soft brush or a sponge with a mild detergent mixed with water should do the job. Afterward, just rinse your batten fence with clean water.
  2. When choosing the cleaning substance, avoid harsh cleaners/chemicals. Also avoid steel brushes. They will damage the surface of your steel batten fencing.
  3. In addition to regular cleaning, you should aim to inspect for any damage regularly. What to look for? Any signs of damage such as scratches, corrosion, dents or loose fencing posts or battens. Once detected, repair or replace the damaged batters if necessary.
  4. Prevention is the key, especially when it comes to rust prevention. Applying protective coatings or paints suitable for metal surfaces will provide a protective layer against moisture and oxidation. Typically, most fences installed by a reputable fencing provider are either galvanized or powder coated (or both) for protection. At times, however, some areas may need a touch-up.
  5. Keep the vegetation under control. Plants, vines and other vegetation should be kept away from steel batten fencing as they are perfect for trapping moisture. The result of that would be rust. If you do have vegetation near your fence, make sure to trim it regularly.
  6. When looking for any damage, don’t forget to check the screws and bolts that hold the fencing battens in place. They have to be tight and secure. 
  7. The last suggestion would be to consider using professional maintenance if you are not sure about how to maintain batten fencing properly or you are simply time-poor.

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