When planning to install a new steel fence, steel fencing design trends or ideas can come in handy. They can provide you with motivation, inspiration, or simply guidance in what fencing style would suit your premises the best.

This blog post will focus on several steel fencing design trends in Melbourne. Perhaps they will come in handy when you are in the planning stage of your new steel fencing project.steel fencing design

General steel fencing design trends in Melbourne

Below are some general steel fencing design trends in Melbourne.

  1. Minimalistic steel fencing design. It means that your fencing incorporates clean lines and simple shapes. That gives your steel fence a modern appearance. Less is more, as they say. Hence, turn to thin vertical or horizontal steel bars with little ornamentation if you want to establish a sleek minimalistic design.
  2. Henry Ford once said:Any colour the customer wants, as long as it’s black.” It also applies to steel fencing design. Black steel fencing that has been powder coated is on the rise as it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your property. If you have light-coloured walls and a beautiful green garden, a black steel gate can create an appealing contrast against them.
  3. Rustic fencing design can be quite charming. Untreated and rusted steel fencing (rustic steel panels, for example) with an industrial look has been the choice of many homeowners in Melbourne. These fences blend nicely in with contemporary or industrial-style architecture.
  4. Customised designs include ornaments with intricate patterns. Various unique designs are becoming popular amongst homeowners who want unique fencing that shows their creativity and personal touch.
  5. Mixing fencing materials is a way of combining steel fencing with other materials, such as wood, stone or glass. That helps create visually interesting fencing design that has an overall appearance that stands out.
  6. Vertical gardens help improve the aesthetics of your steel fencing by adding greenery to your property. Keep in mind that vertical fences do require continuous and regular maintenance (frequency will depend on the plants chosen).
  7. Having sustainable and eco-friendly fencing is also an option. If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, you may prefer fencing made out of recycled materials. A good example would be the Modwood fencing.

steel fencing design ideas melbourne

Additional steel fencing design ideas in Melbourne suburbs

There are more ideas for steel fencing designs that you may consider when choosing suitable steel fencing for your premises.

  1. Choose for custom-designed steel panels featuring artistic patterns and motifs that can create a unique look, adding an artistic feel to your property.
  2. Corrugated steel panel fencing has a more industrial and contemporary look.
  3. Laser-cut designs also allow the creation of intricate patterns, which allows adding a personal touch to your steel fencing.
  4.  If you are not a fan of vertical gardens but would like a bit of greenery, then you may install steel fencing with a mesh design that allow climbing plants to grow over the fence.
  5. Another way of creating dynamic visual effects with your steel fencing is not only mixing different fencing styles but also experimenting with mixed heights and angles.
  6. Adding lighting to your fencing can have an amazing visual effect once the sun sets. Backlit fencing with incorporated LED lights is a way to go.
  7. If a fence installed in a straight line is a bit boring, you can experiment with curved fencing installation instead.
  8. Adding gates with a modern design can improve the overall looks of your home.
  9. Experimenting with colours? Why not. If black seems to be not your colour, you have various other colours to choose from. 
  10. You can also choose between different steel textures, such as brushed, hammered or perforated finishes.

When choosing the right fencing style for you, keep in mind that you should also consider the overall style of your home. The looks, but also the functionality of the steel fencing are important.

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