Steel fencing maintenance is a way of ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of your fence. If the structural integrity is in place, so is the aesthetic appeal (typically). Even though steel fencing is durable and can withstand external elements that can in the long run affect its state, it still requires some maintenance.

This blog post will focus on some of the reasons why maintaining steel fencing is important. Furthermore, we will explore some tips on maintaining steel fencing in Melbourne’s climate.

melbourne steel fencing maintenance

Reasons to maintain your steel fencing

  1. Prevention is the key. Aim to prevent rust and corrosion as steel fencing can be quite susceptible to rust and corrosion in areas with high humidity or continuous exposure to moisture. Thus, if you clean, paint or apply protective coatings to your fence, it can help prevent rust formation. 
  2. If you inspect your fence regularly, you can detect any damage early. Bent or loose fencing posts or damaged panels can affect the structural integrity of your fence. Hence, you should address the problem as soon as it is detected to prevent further issues, as they can become a safety problem.
  3. The fence functions as a security and privacy measure. Hence, if it is not well-maintained and damaged, it cannot function properly and keep your premises secure.
  4. Poorly maintained fencing does affect the aesthetics of your home. Which, in turn, affects the market price of your home. 
  5. Maintaining your fence on a regular basis is generally more cost-effective as you are solving little issues along the way rather than facing one big problem down the road.
  6. Your local council may have some regulations in place regarding the maintenance of your fencing. Make sure you are aware of them to avoid any problems along the way.

steel fencing maintenance

Steel fencing maintenance tips for Melbourne’s climate

Melbourne is known for its variable weather conditions. Thus, maintaining steel fencing in Melbourne’s climate can be challenging. 

Below are some of the suggestions when it comes to the maintenance of steel fencing in Melbourne.

  1. Rust prevention. Rain and humidity in Melbourne can accelerate the formation of rust on your steel fencing. Prevention is the key. Protective coatings and paints(if your fence has not been previously powder coated) that are designed to protect metal from corrosion are essential. 
  2. If you detect any rust or early signs of rust, address them promptly. What to do? Sand, prime and then repaint affected areas. 
  3. Regular cleaning is important. Why? Dust and pollen from the air can accumulate on your fence. Using a mild detergent and water will help you to get rid of the dirt and debris on the surface of your fence.
  4. Melbourne’s climate is good for vegetation, but vegetation is not that good for your steel fence. Hence, it is important to manage vegetation around your fencing as it can trap moisture, and as we know, moisture promotes rust. 
  5. Regular inspections are highly recommended to detect any damage and address it early, as Melbourne is also known for its strong winds, especially during winter.
  6. Steel fencing maintenance in coastal areas can be tricky as salt spray accelerates corrosion. Marine-grade coatings can help out.
  7. As Melbourne experiences different seasons, it is recommended to inspect and maintain your steel fence during milder seasons to ensure that it is prepared for harsher weather conditions to come.
  8. If you are time-poor, do not know how to maintain a steel fence, or simply do not want to do it, you can always turn to professionals who will do it for you. 

Once again, note that prevention is the key. Thus, if you proactively maintain your fence, you will preserve the structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of your steel fencing in Melbourne.

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