Steel gate frames have an important role to play in the Melbourne fencing industry as they provide your home with great flexibility to create privacy while still looking stylish. Customised variables such colour, size, and shape are complimented by the addition of how you would like the frames to be filled. Is it with glass, timber, steel or aluminium insert? Diamond Fence, known for steel fencing in Melbourne, does, however, accept fencing projects that involve timber elements (inserts, for example). Below you can see one of the steel gate frames that has been powder coated in black with a timber insert for our Estonian customer who resides in Melbourne.

In the below blog post, we will focus on the benefits of having steel gate frames and how to maintain them.

metal gate frames in melbourne

Benefits of steel gate frames


As mentioned above, having a steel gate frame gives you the flexibility of how you would like your gate to look. If it is a separate standing gate or a part of fencing, nonetheless, you can customise the gate.

Firstly, the steel gate frame can be powder coated into the colour of your preference. Inserts added into the steel frame can also vary, starting from the material chosen and finishing with the spacing of the pickets (if you select them).


Compared to timber fencing, a steel gate frame is much more durable. Additionally, if the insert chosen is either steel or aluminium, it adds a level of strength and security to your gate.


A steel gate frame powder coated into the colour of your liking with an addition of the timber insert can add a touch of nature. Not willing to do the maintenance that timber gates or fences require? Fear not – you can also choose to install an aluminium insert that can be customised to look exactly like timber yet not have all the maintenance requirements that timber gates or fences have.


Having a steel frame will ensure that the structural strength of the fencing will be able to carry the load of the gate while you are automatically (or manually) opening and closing it. Generally, solid wooden gates can be automated, however, having a metal frame will make them last longer, especially if you are using them frequently.

Maintenance of metal gate frames

Maintaining steel frames is similar to steel fences.

  1. Do the biannual check-up/clean-up. Replace any damaged parts as soon as you detect them.
  2. If you notice any rusty spots, remove them also as soon as possible as rust can spread. How can you do that? Clean the gate, let it dry and then sand down any rust spots and flaking paint. Once that is done, apply a coat of rust-stopping primer. Each primer has its instructions for curing. Hence, make sure to follow them. Lastly, apply at least two top coats of the finish paint.
  3. Lubrication is a big part of gate maintenance as different components of the gates require lubrication to keep functioning as they are supposed to. Your gates manual will specify what type of lubrication your steel gate needs. If you have an older gate, then regular lubrication with grease should be sufficient. 

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