When the time to install a new fence has arrived, you may be contemplating whether to install timber or steel fence posts. Contemplate no more. Instead, keep on reading.

This blog post will focus on how to properly install fencing posts, and the pros and cons of timber and steel fence posts to make it easier for you to decide which ones are a better fit for you.

Installation of fence posts

Installing fence posts without proper equipment can be a challenging task. Therefore, we recommend using the services of your local fencing specialists. If you are interested in Diamond Fence’s fencing services, please contact our team.

If you have decided to install the posts yourself, the installation technique will depend on the fence posts chosen. However, some fence post installation suggestions apply to most fencing posts.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to pick the right fence posts. The choice will depend on the durability needed and most likely price.
  2. Once you have the posts, you will need to mark the area where the posts will be installed. You can use a long string to ensure the line is straight or use more advanced technology, such as lasers. You will also have to consider the spacing between the posts.
  3. Once the marking is completed, it is time to dig the holes for your fencing posts. There is a general rule for setting up the posts: the dept of the hole should be one-third to one-half of the actual above-ground height of the post.
  4. Then you should add gravel to each hole. Why? It allows for better drainage to avoid rusting or rotting at the bottom of your fencing posts.
  5. Now, it is time to insert the posts and ensure they will stay in the ground. The needed steps will depend on whether you are installing timber or steel posts. When securing the fencing posts, make sure to level them. It will determine the stability of the fencing.

Pros and cons of timber fencing posts


  • Easier installation compared to steel posts as they typically do not require pouring the concrete around the fence posts.
  • Timber posts are more affordable, making them cost-effective if your fencing project is on a budget.
  • Timber fence posts are aesthetically pleasing, giving this classical warm feeling to your home garden. It simply has that timeless feeling to it.
  • Timber fences and fencing posts are an environmentally friendly choice.

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  • Timber, if unprotected, can easily be damaged by moisture and UV rays. Hence, requiring more frequent maintenance, such as using waterproof sealants (they vary in price). Since new coating should be reapplied on an annual basis (recommended), the maintenance cost could add up in time. 
  • Exposure to UV light can affect the colour of your timber fence posts (fading).
  • Timber posts, when exposed to constant moisture, can start rotting. Thus, affecting the integrity of the fencing structure. Additionally, unprotected timber can be damaged by insects. 
  • Compared to steel posts, timber posts have a shorter lifespan. 

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Pros and cons of steel fencing posts


  • Steel fencing posts are very durable as they can withstand various weather factors such as rain, hail, heavy crosswinds and UV. Additionally, while termites love wood, they will leave the steel untouched. Hence, you do not have to worry about the insect damage.
  • Once the steel posts have been galvanized and powder coated, they are protected from corrosion. Thus, making maintaining them a much easier task. They do not require frequent (annual) reapplication of the protective coating. Hence, saving you money on the maintenance costs in the long run.
  • Due to being made out of steel, one of the strongest materials on Earth, steel fence posts provide higher security comparing to timber posts. You cannot simply break or snap steel fencing posts. If an intruder needs to break through steel posts, they will need more serious tools, such as a grinder.


  • Steel fencing posts may not be the most aesthetically pleasing if you are after that classical look. They can, at times, look a bit too robust.
  • They have a higher installation cost as they typically require concrete to be poured. However, that makes them sturdier to upkeep a heavy fence.
  • Compared to timber posts, steel fence posts can be more costly. But as discussed previously, they will last you much longer and do not require continuous investment into new coatings to keep them protected from external factors.
  • The correct installation process is vital for the longevity of the steel posts. If the installation has been done incorrectly, the water can accumulate at the bottom of the posts and speed up the corrosion process, resulting in rusty fencing posts.

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Which posts to choose?

Whether timber or steel fence posts, the decision will have to be made to proceed with your fencing project. The above points may help you with your decision. If you are still in doubt and need a fencing contractor with the experience and knowledge, you can turn to Diamond Fence.

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