Termite-proof fencing is fencing that will give you peace of mind. Imagine finding termites in your fence! It could become a time-consuming and costly undertaking. Thus, if you are planning to install a new fence in Melbourne, you should consider installing termite-proof fencing to avoid the above scenario.

This blog post will focus on what makes fencing a termite-proof fence. Furthermore, we will look into the choices of termite-proof fencing styles in Melbourne.

melbourne termite-proof fencing

What makes fencing termite-proof?

Termites eat wood. Well, cellulose, to be precise! That is what attracts them (note that they are not attracted to all wood). Therefore, if you own a timber fence or planning to become an owner of one, you should be aware of termites.

Untreated softwood is something that termites especially love. However, termites avoid bamboo due to its brittle outer shell – too hard for termites to chew.

Most timber fences have been treated against termites. However, if the treated timber starts to decay, it will attract termites.

In simple words, termite-proof fences are fences that termites will not eat. Be it a specific type of wood that termites hate, or metal fencing, glass fencing, and bamboo fencing, to mention a few.

What to do if you have detected termites in your fencing?

If you have noticed tiny but visible holes on the surface of your timber fence (which may also go further into the fence), you may have a termite situation. Pest control would be your easiest solution to exterminating them. If you do not want to call pest control, there are chemical barriers that can help. For example, anti-termite solutions that will kill wood-boring termites on contact.

Some home remedies are also available. For example, borax. Also referred to as sodium borate. It dehydrates the termites and shuts down their nervous system.

However, if the termite damage has been large enough, you should consider installing a new fence. The focus should then be on getting termite-proof fencing. For example, metal fencing.

termite proof fences melbourne

What choices do I have when it comes to termite-proof fencing?

There are many choices available when it comes to having termite-proof fencing. Some of them are named below. If you require more information, please contact our friendly fencing team, who are more than happy to help you with your fencing enquiry.

  1. Tubular steel fencing
  2. Aluminium slat fencing
  3. Chain link fencing
  4. Colorbond steel fencing
  5. Glass fencing (e.g., pool fencing)
  6. Modwood fencing (composite timber fencing)
  7. Welded mesh fencing
  8. Bamboo fencing
  9. Vinyl fences (PVC)
  10. Brick walls (as fences)
  11. Modular walls
  12. Wrought iron fences

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