If you are planning to give your metal fencing last maintenance round just before the end of the year, this blog post is best for your holiday reading. It will focus on some of the basics of metal fencing maintenance that may help you with your endeavour.

chain wire fencing vs expand metal fencing

How often should the metal fencing maintenance be performed?

Metal fencing maintenance should be done biannually. Meaning, at least twice a year, you should pay attention to cleaning the fence, lubricating latches and other moving parts.

Cleaning your metal fencing

A part of metal fencing maintenance is to clean your fence. Once you have cleaned it, giving it a wax is preferred to extend its lifespan. 

How to clean your metal fence? Well, as easy as with warm water, soap and a soft cloth. Be wise with picking the weather for your fencing maintenance, as sunny and warm weather is preferred. It allows the water to dry quickly, allowing you to apply wax afterward.

Rinse your metal fence with water, then use mild soap and a soft cloth to wash the fencing. Be aware of rubbing too harshly, as it may cause discolouration. Also, be careful with power washers. Depending on the metal fence, it can leave a dent in the metal if the pressure is too high.

Furthermore, avoid using baking soda or an alkali-based cleaner on aluminium fences, as they can cause discolouration of the metal.

Why is waxing good (gel-based wax)? Because this extra layer will protect your fence from UV rays and even fading of the paint underneath.

Removing the rust

Remember that rust can spread. Hence, the moment you have detected rust spots on your metal fence, it is wise to remove them immediately, regardless of the size of the rusty spot. Use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove the rust. Then prime the fence with a rust-inhibitive primer. Once that step has been completed, you can paint over the rust.

plants and metal fencing maintenance

Removing overgrown vegetation

If your metal fencing is surrounded by substantial vegetation, it is wise to check the fence making sure vegetation is not leaning on your fencing or climbing over it. Why is it important? Plants can damage the paint and other protective coatings of the fence.

Also, if plants are growing near the fence, you may need to water them. Avoid getting the metal fencing wet, as moisture creates an environment for rusting.

Cleaning the ornaments on your metal fencing

Please pay attention to cleaning the ornaments on your fencing because they can gather dust, dirt and moisture, damaging ornaments in the long run. To clean them, use warm water and a mild soap. However, after the clean-up, make sure that the crevices of the ornaments are dry.

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