Turning Cricket Enclosures Into A Storage Area in Beaumaris, Melbourne – Brilliant Idea!

When your sports fencing has served you for many years, but you know it is time to turn it into something that would benefit you differently. That is what has been done by transforming old cricket enclosures into storage enclosures.

In this blog post, you can see the images taken during this transformation. It also focuses on the benefits of chain wire mesh and an another fencing alternative suitable for storage enclosures.

storage area beaumaris melbourne

Benefits of chain wire fencing

  1. Chain wire fencing is an affordable fencing style. Hence, chain wire mesh is suitable for larger fencing projects. Chain wire mesh is also fit for security and storage enclosures. 
  2. Chain wire mesh enclosures are built to suit your requirements. Security cages can be constructed with either no rails or with various combinations of top, bottom and middle rails.
  3. The most common application within residential areas is the basement storage solution. However, there are other suitable applications, such as sports equipment storage areas or to secure machinery and other valuable equipment.
  4. Chain wire mesh can be cut around objects, such as beams or pipes, just as needed.
  5. It is easier to install chain wire fences/cages. Hence, professional cost, meaning the cost of the fencing installation service, is less.
  6. Chain wire mesh is durable. It will last a long time.

storage area and cricket enclosures melbourne beaumaris

chain wire cricket enclosures melbourne beaumaris

chain link storage area melbourne beaumaris

Other fencing alternatives suitable for storage enclosures

While chain wire mesh is the most popular fencing material for storage enclosures, there are other alternatives available on the fencing market. Colorbond steel is commonly used as a security enclosure for machinery and equipment. Colorbond steel is not transparent, thus, leaving wandering eyes wondering what may be behind the metal. It is also very durable and will withstand extreme weather. Colorbond is perfect for storage enclosures because this steel is considered as a non-combustible material. 

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