If you have been looking for new fencing, you may have come across different fencing styles. Vinyl fencing and PVC fencing may have been among them. You may have wondered what the difference between vinyl and PVC fencing is. Additionally, you may have been curious about the difference between the latter and PVC-coated fencing.

This fencing blog will answer these questions. We will focus on the difference between vinyl fencing, PVC fencing and PVC-coated fencing. Furthermore, we will name a few reasons you should use vinyl and PVC fencing types. We will also focus on what PVC-coating can provide to your fencing.

What is vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fences are made of synthetic man-made plastic. It is a versatile plastic and finds various applications across different industries. For example, fencing, food and automobile industries.

Vinyl has two building blocks: chlorine (common salt) and ethylene that comes from crude oil.

There are different types of vinyl. One of the types includes polyvinyl chloride, which is short for PVC!

What is PVC fencing?

As you can see, vinyl and PVC fencing are the same class of material!

Benefits of PVC and vinyl fences

There are various reasons why many households turn to vinyl and PVC fences. Below are some of the main reasons:

  1. COST. It is one of the cheapest fencing materials. Hence, if you have a large fencing project at hand, yet you are on a budget, vinyl and PVC fences can be your go-to.
  2. LOW-MAINTENANCE. As vinyl fences are made of plastic, they require minimal care. All you need to do is to clean it with a hose. It does not require staining and repair works like a timber fence would. 
  3. STURDINESS. Plastic is much stronger than wood. You do not have to worry about corrosion or termites. Plastic also does not absorb moisture. Thus, it will not rot, peel or blister. It is suitable for areas with high moisture exposure. For example, around swimming pools.
  4. EASY INSTALLATION. PVC and vinyl fences are easy to install. That is why a lot of homeowners do it as their DYO project. Most pieces will slide and lock into place, making the installation quick and easy.
  5. PRIVATE. These fencing styles provide the privacy you are looking for. Using one-piece panels without the spaces and with a suitable height will ensure no eyes will wander on your side of the fence.
  6. THE LOOKS. PVC and vinyl fences come in different colours and designs. Hence, it allows you to choose the style that will provide the aesthetic look that suits you.

PVC coating for fences

PVC coating is also made of polyvinyl chloride. However, in this case, a thin coating of PVC is applied on the metal. It is a cost-effective metal finishing solution. It will protect the metal underneath from external factors, such as moisture (corrosion as a result), abrasion and harsh chemicals.

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