Melbourne is known for its diverse weather conditions, such as high levels of rainfalls and burning sun, but also potential exposure to salt spray if your fence is located by the coastal areas. Thus, when it comes to fencing, it is highly advisable to turn to weather-resistant fencing in Melbourne, as such diverse environments can speed up the corrosion of your fencing.

This blog post will focus on four main weather-resistant fencing types that are best suitable for Melbourne’s weather. Furthermore, we will look into some advice on how to choose weather-resistant fencing.

weather- resistant steel fencing melbourne

Best weather-resistant fencing alternatives in Melbourne

  1. STAINLESS STEEL as it is a highly corrosion-resistant material. It contains chromium, which forms a passive oxide layer on its surface. That layer protects the steel underneath from rust and corrosion. Steel has a grading system that takes into consideration its chemical composition, mechanical abilities and treatment. That helps to determine which steel (grade) is best for a chosen application. For example, 316 stainless steel is best suitable for coastal environments. Stainless steel is also a choice for many households as it requires minimal maintenance, is very durable and just looks good. 
  2. CORTEN STEEL, also known as Weathering steel has a rust-like appearance. The rust forms a protective layer that inhibits further corrosion of the fencing. Note that weathering steel does corrode, it just does it at a significantly slower pace compared to traditional carbon steel. If you are after rustic aesthetics, you may find this fencing style attractive. 
  3. ALUMINIUM FENCING is a durable, corrosion-resistant fencing style that suits Melbourne’s climate. As it does not rust, it is also a good fencing choice for coastal areas. A fencing style with a minimal maintenance requirement comes in various styles and finishes, allowing you to customise the fence to suit your premises.
  4. COMPOSITE FENCING is a great weather-proof fencing alternative. It is made from wood fibres and recycled plastic. Thus, having that natural-looking appearance while being highly weather-resistant. It also does not rot, warp, crack or splinter, and is not appealing to insects. This style is also a low-maintenance fencing choice as it does not require staining like a natural timber fence. 

weather- resistant steel fences

How to choose good weather-resistant fencing?

The following factors may affect the choice of weather-resistant steel fencing for Melbourne’s conditions:

  • Material Selection: The material choice will depend on your aesthetic preference, but also the corrosion resistance level required.
  • Maintenance Level: Maintenance requirements will depend on the material chosen. For example, stainless steel will need occasional cleaning, while Corten steel will require managing the rust patina.
  • Aesthetics. What style do you prefer? A sleek and modern look? If yes, turn to stainless steel or aluminium fencing. Perhaps a distinctive rustic look you are after? If yes, weathering steel fencing is the way to go. Lastly, composite fencing will allow you to have that classical timber-looking fence without the maintenance requirements.
  • Budget. If your fencing projects is on a tight budget, we advise turning to a trusted fencing specialist to see the alternatives available. For example, weathering steel can be more cost-effective in terms of how much to invest initially, however, be mindful of the maintenance cost. On the other hand, stainless steel can have a more expensive upfront cost, yet it will last longer. 
  • Local Regulations Matter!  Check with local authorities regarding any regulations for fencing materials and designs in your local area.

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You can consult with us, Diamond Fence, before making your fencing decision. We are familiar with Melbourne’s weather conditions and provide personalised advise based on your specific fencing needs.

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