Wear and tear is a natural occurrence, and it affects metal fencing as well. At times, when your metal fencing gets damaged, the repair works are not costly and easy to perform. However, there may be times when your metal fencing is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, or at least partially replaced.

This blog post will look at the three instances when you should replace your metal fencing instead of trying to fix it.


Metal fences are prone to rust. That is the reason most fences are covered with rust-resistant materials/coatings to protect the metal. For example, galvanizing, powder coating or PVC coating. Note that when you spot a small rust spot, you need to repair/remove it immediately, as rust can spread. However, if a large area of your metal fencing is covered in rust, it may be necessary to replace the whole fence instead.

Why? Because rust affects the stability of the structure of your fencing. Thus, if there are too many rust-affected areas, your whole fencing is weaker and can fall apart.

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The scope of the damage will determine if your metal fence is beyond repair or not. The loose part will make your metal fence wobbly and unstable, and some panels may come off. For example, if the panels are damaged by rust or external solid force, they will become loose. If it has happened to one panel, it is quite an easy fix. However, if you notice there are several panels or it is a recurring tendency, it may be wiser to consider replacing the whole fence with a new functional metal fence. To find out the fencing choices offered by Diamond Fence, please contact our team for free fencing quotes.


In time, you may notice that your metal fence will start to lean to one side. There are various reasons why the fence has started leaning on one side. Hence, it is wise to contact a fencing professional to assess the damage and the cost associated with fixing it. The repair work may be an easy one. For example, simply fixing up just one fencing post. However, the damage may be on a larger scale, thus, requiring more serious approach.

Do note that a leaning fence is a safety hazard and should be fixed as soon as it is detected because you do not know the stability of the fencing structure. The metal fence can fall over and injure someone.

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