A new year can bring a lot of hope and excitement for what is yet to come. At the same time, a new year brings along many decisions to be made, some more difficult than others. Maybe not the most important decision, yet a significant one is choosing the fencing colour.

grey fencing colour

Choosing the fencing colour

Choosing the fencing colour depends on many factors. Initially, it may seem like a quick decision to make. At times, it may be. However, the more thought you put into it, the more you can be assured that the fencing colour will be chosen with some serious calculations. Meaning that these calculations have taken into account many details you may not even think of at the beginning of the fencing installation/painting process. 

What is your fencing style? The fencing colour choice largely depends on that 

The fencing style or the type of fencing you have or the fencing you are planning to install, will play an important part in the fencing colour chosen. How come? When it comes to powder coating, the colour choice is quite broad. However, some fencing styles come only in certain colours, depending on the manufacturer. For example, some fencing specialists only offer limited colour options for Colorbond steel fencing. The same may apply to PVC-coated chain wire fencing. Black and green are the usual colours preferred when it comes to plastic-coated chain wire as it blends into the surroundings easily. 

The best would be to contact the fencing specialist chosen to find out what colours they offer. Even better, tell them the colour you are after to see if they can provide it. For Diamond Fences colour options, please contact us either via email or simply by giving us a call.

What is the style of your home?

Not every style and fence colour will suit the style of your home. If you are after a modern look, having a yellow chain wire fence surrounding your home may not be the best decision. Maybe you should consider black or grey tubular steel fencing. Possibly you are searching for that classical picket-fence-look, yet want something sturdier than a timber fence. Perhaps, you should look into aluminium slat fencing, which can be given the appearance of a classical timber fence. At the same time, it will have the strength of a metal. This means it comes with less maintenance and higher life expectancy.

white fencing colour melbourne

What fencing colour have your neighbours chosen?

It would also be a wise decision to take into consideration the fencing colour of the neighbouring fences. You may want the colour of a similar choice to blend in with the surrounding areas. If your preference is to go your way, you may want to choose a fencing colour that will stand out.

However, be aware that in some areas, local governments or homeowner associations (if one exists) have regulations in place to be clear about what fencing colours are acceptable.

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