Creative Owners Can Give Their Old Fences A New Life

Melbourne fences can have a new chance at life. Quite a creative headline, isn’t it? Well, today we really feel like being creative! You know, just one of those days! So we decided to approach fencing from a bit of a different angle. Have been writing and talking about installation of sports fences in Melbourne, touched on security fences, or actually briefly almost on any kind of steel fencing in Melbourne. But it was mostly about new fences, or fence & gate repairs.

But what to do with old fence that just do not serve its purpose anymore? Well, here are some tips you what you could do. It’s called recycling or re-usage in a cool, interesting, and stylish way.

Shall we?

There are no limitation to your imagination what to do with your old fence. You can re-use your old fence outdoors or simply turn an old rusty gate or a part of a fence into a interior decor. Isn’t that cool?

Take a look at some of the amazing ways people have used their old fences HERE.

And who said that you cannot re-use commercial fences, or industrial fences as a part of your residential home. As said previously, your imagination has no limitations.

1. Turn everything inside out. Literally! Make the best out of the old metal gate or steel fence and use it inside your lovely home to show your family and friends that you have something so original that it could not be found at any market even, if you would love to buy it! 

2. Turn your garden into paradise in the best possible way! Recycling! Something old can have a new life. Mix the rusty and old looking wire gate, or chain link fence with the beauty of fresh flowers. The end result is surprisingly amazing! Or maybe not that surprising?

3. Imperfections are the best way to be different. Use it! You can always add some beauty or funk to your existing chain link wire fence or gate, or just use the imperfections of your boundary gates in an originative way.

4. Who said you have to be a certified builder to build stuff! Turn your old welded mesh panels, just a welded mesh, or tubular steel gates into a furniture like no other. Use whatever steel, metal material you have and impress with your skills.

So who said that metal fencing in Melbourne has to be boring? Make your domestic fencing, or even industrial and commercial fencing, a way to stand out! Be creative!

There are countless ways how to turn your existing residential steel fencing into a masterpiece, and the same applies to those rusty old metal fences and steel gates. One of the most popular and best places to get your ideas from is definitely Pinterest. Take a look, highly recommended!

We will leave the creativity of turning something old into new up to you, but we can certainly help with installing a new fence, or fixing your old one at your home, building site, manufactory or a rural farm. We are Melbourne fencing experts and can install & supply fencing applications, or simply supply only, you are the master of this decision.

So yes, we are here for your new steel fence installation, or for a gate & fence repairs.

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