Sports Fence Installation In Melbourne

We Just Love Sports & Fencing, Why Not Combine The Two Of Them

Are you a big sports fan either by regularly going to the gym, jogging, having your after-work walks, playing a team sports, or just being a passionate supporter who never misses a footy game? Well, we assume you must, as you live in Melbourne, the sporting capital of the world. You can just feel the sporty vibe in the air of Melbourne! Why do we talk about sports while Diamond Fence is a fencing company you may ask? Easy, we as a big sports lover, offer also sports fence installation in Melbourne.

Whether it’s a commercial fencing in Melbourne, your own backyard, or even a building site steel fencing you are after, we can help you. Yes, building site steel fencing is a bit too over the top when we talk about sports fencing, but hey, we don’t judge, you just never know.

So what can you classifie as a sports fencing? To tell you the truth, then absolutely all steel fencing solutions that are associated with the sports facilities or places where sports or physical activity is performed. It might be either basketball court fencing, cricket enclosures (cricket nets), baseball diamond fencing, softball diamond fencing, hockey field fencing and many more.

Some of the most popular sports fencing solutions provided by Diamond Fence are tennis court fencing, oval fencing, and soccer ground fencing especially with the success that Australian Women’s National Soccer team (Matilda’s) have recently experienced (at the moment of writing this article according to FIFA ranking they were ranked 6th in the world).

A lot of sports talk, but oh well, this is an article about sports fencing. So let’s continue, shall we.

We can also kind off add swimming pool steel fencing as a part of sports fencing as swimming is a sport, correct?! So if you need a boundary fence for your private swimming pool at home, or if it’s a commercial fencing you need for the swimming pool that is used for commercial purposes, then Diamond Fence can help you out. We will custom-make sports fence according to your needs. Whether it’s the height, colour or a fencing type, our team of experts can definitely find a metal fencing solution in Melbourne that will simply…well, make you happy!

Or all the golfers out there, golf course owners to be precise, Diamond Fence is also an expert in golf course fencing. Either you want your sports fence to be made out of chain wire (chain link) or a soft netting, we got you!

Like with the security fence mix-mashing of different kind of fence types (you can ready in our last post about security fences HERE), we can also mix various fencing types to suit your sports ground in the best possible way. For example you can mix a chain link fence with a brush fence for a visual deterrent. Just choose the look you want by adding gates as well. Either chain link gates with galvanized chain wire, in other words galvanized wire gates or maybe you want to have a more modern and cool look by adding tubular steel decorative gates…again, you choose!

Just going to quickly add that you can also use galvanized chain wire or PVC coated chain wire for a stronger and longer lasting fencing results.

Long story short, Diamond Fence is happy to help you with boundary steel sports fencing solutions in Melbourne. We do not only install sports fencing solutions, but also provide a quick fix and repair of sports fences in Melbourne, if you should require one.

So don’t hesitate and give us a call today on (03) 9753 4566 , shoot us an email on , or just get a FREE online quote.

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