Pool fencing, tennis court fencing, & other sports ground fencing in Melbourne. Why is it important? Well, let me start with asking you a different kind of question first.

Are you a competitive person? No? A little? Even if you think that you do not have a single competitive bone in your body, I don’t think you actually have a choice as life is one big competition or a competition arena. Whether you choose the be the superstar of the race, or a bench boy, or just a water girl, you are a participant in one way or another. You are either participant or an observer. Right?

Sports = Competition.
Weather Condition VS Steel Fencing 
Location VS Metal Fencing.
And so on. I’m telling you, almost everything is a competition (wink-wink).

Let’s start with the commercial pool fencing in Melbourne. Well, it does not have to be a commercial fencing, it can easily be residential fencing in your front or a back yard. Swimming pools are a usual addition to many homes, gyms and sports centres in Melbourne. Water is not the safest place, but so aren’t the surroundings of the swimming pools. Therefore using fencing is one way to make swimming pool areas more secure by either having a fence that separates children’s pool from the pools with much deeper water, or just having steel handrails as a support at the slippery stairs. What kind of metal fencing solution should you use? We’d recommend using tubular steel fencing, as we discussed in the previous blog post, you can use powder coating to protect fence from corrosion. Powder coating is also a perfect way to choose the colour you want your security fence to be.

Tennis court fencing is the next sports premise we will touch upon. Tennis courts, and also cricket enclosures are usually surrounded with the chain link wire fence. Chain wire fencing is a perfect and most popular fencing solution for tennis courts as it’s a high-quality fencing product, secure, versatile, has a beautiful appearance, and for an extra security against corrosion you can use galvanized chain wire or PVC coated chain wire.

At Diamond Fence, we can custom make your sports fencing the way you want it. Just tell us the height, the coating (if any) and the fencing style you desire, and we’ll get it done. As easy as that.

Next station at our sporting competition in the fencing world are sports games. Either footy, soccer, rugby or any other sports game you can think of that is being performed outside on the grass or on an artificial field. Who has played on the field that doesn’t have a proper fencing around it, so every time the ball goes out of bounce, you have to run to get the ball far away from the field? Or when you are playing soccer, or training shooting at the goal and there is no sports fencing behind it, so absolutely every shot you take goes so far from the field that after few times you are so sick and tired of running for the ball that you just go back to simple juggling? Been there, done that, and telling you that it ain’t  fun! Therefore having a solid sports fencing is just a necessity to get the best out of your performance.

Which metal fence type is used at the soccer or a footy ground? Chain link wire fences and gates are the usual answer. As mentioned before then they can be adjusted by height, are strong, have that sporty aesthetic look, and galvanizing your chain wire gates and chain wire fences can make them last longer. Or use a PVS coated chain wire as an extra protection from the corrosion.

Melbourne just has that sporty vibe, and we, Diamond Fence, want to give back to this magnificent city by providing it with the top-quality custom made sports fencing so every single person can have a go at enjoying the sports of any kind.

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