Melbourne Steel Fencing    VS    Melbourne Timber Fencing 

Who’s The Winner?

A healthy competitions is good when it comes to daily choices as it’s the force that keeps you moving towards greater results. But what if one of seemingly easy decisions will stick with you for years, maybe even for decades? Melbourne Steel Fencing VS Melbourne Timber Fencing – this is the competition we are talking about. A little bit frightening? Well, don’t worry as when it comes to fencing advise, Diamond Fence is here to help.

There are many different fencing types out there. Starting from electric, metal fencing, and finishing with the wooden or a bamboo fence. Too many to choose from? Would’t want to pick the wrong one, right!

So let’s break it down into many little pieces and then put it back together like a puzzle.

You will need to start by figuring out your local regulations regarding the fencing: material, height and the distance from the road or your neighbours. Once you have that settled, we can move on.

Secondly you need to know if you’re looking for a solutions for industrial, commercial or residential fencing purposes. That should narrow it down a little as usually when customer needs an industrial fencing or commercial fencing, then they tend to lean towards choosing a metal fencing in Melbourne, New York or whatever part of the world you may be located at. Why? Good question! Let me answer that.


Let’s play a fence-footy match. Sounds weird…well, it is! But stick around, it will get interesting and intense in the end like any other footy match, we promise.

So…we have two teams: Timber Lions and Steel Devils

First quarter.

Timber Lions are starting with a timber D-fence to surround their territory in front of the goals. It gives them a sense of privacy, warm and welcoming feeling. It’s also a great way to improve overall aesthetics of their team. Who doesn’t want to look pretty, right. A way to earn some extra points from the audience.

But the opposite team, Steel Devils have chosen to put up a steel D-fence. They are know as a more modern team. They prefer contemporary aesthetic. And they also know that if they want, they can use a tubular steel fencing to look more luxurious.

Second quarter.

It’s time for both teams to think about maintenance of  the fence they have build.

Timber Lions are a bit in trouble. Harsh weather conditions, especially here in Melbourne where rainstorm, hail, heavy crosswind and UV sun rays, can all appear in one day, make the maintenance more tedious and costly. Winter moisture and intense summer heat, or termites that are a present threat to the wooden fence, can be decisive.

Steel Lions on the other hand can take second quarter quite light-heartedly. They don’t have to worry as they know that they have chosen galvanised fencing that is resistant to rusting. They are quite confident that once their fence is up, it does’t need any more weather-related repair.

Third quarter.

Timber Lions are not much of a spending team. They know that if they choose timber, it’s benefit is relatively inexpensive up-front cost. However cost for fixing and repairing injuries over time can add up.

Steel Lions on the other hand prefer to have a steel material that is built to last without any extra care after the initial investment, even if it means more expensive up-front cost.

Fourth quarter.

Last minutes of the game! So far we have had two teams battling for cost, maintenance, and aesthetic value of their team.

The score is quite even! But what about the fencing security?

Timber Lions look quite ragged after 3 quarters. Their D-fence has been weakened by the weather conditions, and can be easily snapped allowing opponents, burglars, predators or call them however, to access the territory they are trying to protect.

Steel Devils are standing tall and strong as they know that intruders cannot pass their D-fence without their permission. And if there will be some daredevil, who dares to attempt, then Steel Devils know that they can top their fence with scrolls, crosses or other pointed tips, making it much harder to scale their fence than a wooden fence.

Finale whistle sounds!

Seems that Steel Devils have won this battle! A referee has also praised their team for a fair play as their team reduces carbon footprint making environmentally conscious decisions as building a steel fence does not require cutting down trees.

A little fun footy related piece of writing, but on a more serious note, when choosing between timber and steel fencing, you have to consider the following and then prioritise their importance for you:

Durability – Steel fence is more durable than timber fence.

Maintenance – Steel fence does not require maintenance after the instalment, but timber does.

Cost – Timber has a cheaper up-front costs, but requires maintenance that in time can add up, making steel fence even a cheaper option in a long-term, regardless of having a higher initial investment.

Aesthetics Value – Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Wooden fence has definitely warmer sense of feeling while steel fences can look more modern. Therefore you have to consider the rest of your property or household so the installed fence will fit right in.

We cannot give you the exact answer if to choose timber or steel fencing solution. But if your decision is installing a steel fence in Melbourne, then here is definitely where Diamond Fence can help! We have one of the best Melbourne security fencing, chain link fencing, galvanised chain wire, Colorbond fencing (for commercial and industrial fencing solutions only) and tubular steel fencing. We  also offer a bunch of other fencing solutions and fencing services in Melbourne.

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