Diamond Fence’s Top-Quality Safety Barrier Installation In Melbourne

We have talked about security fencing to protect whatever is dear to us. But what can we do in addition to make sure that we have done all in our power to seal the deal against the harm that can occur? And by harm we do not only mean the impact other human beings can have on us, but we also keep in mind the overall environment, and sometimes even ourselves. So when it comes to Melbourne steel fencing, this is also where safety barrier installation and overall safety measurements of your premises come in play. With Melbourne safety barrier installation by Diamond Fence you can count on the top-quality fencing service.

Some buildings and territories do not allow to install steel fences due to their location and the surrounding environment. For example they are right on the side of the road or they just don’t have a back or a front yard, or they have some other restrictions, therefore one extra possibility to raise the security level is to install window guards. Here is where Diamond Fence Aust Pty Ltd can be helpful. We provide widow guards to fit your exact requirements.

Safety measurements are not only about residential, commercial or industrial fencing. They also involve different types of safety barriers, safety rails, pallet racking safety fencing, and much more. 

Most likely when thinking about safety barriers, you do not think about domestic fencing, or that it can be related to domestic safety applications. Most likely you assume that it has everything to do with construction sites or manufactories. You are not totally misled here as these are indeed places they are most commonly used at. But let’s not forget that domestic solutions require safety as much as commercial or industrial sites. This is why Diamond Fence offers made to measure fencing solutions to fit where ever you need to install your metal fencing or safety solutions.

If you have been in a factory or just at a constructions site, you might have noticed that it’s either all grey or greyish coloured, or just full of equipment and employees running around, making it all a little bit confusing. That’s why it’s important to make handrails, W – beam railings, guard rails, or other metal safety barriers as clear and as visible as possible. Therefore at Diamond Fence we also offer the opportunity to make your safety applications noticeable by powder coating them. For example you can powder coat your railings in yellow stating a clear and visible sign to be careful.

Another major part of our lives are roads. Did you know that an average Australian spends at least 4 hours a week commuting to work. And unfortunate as it is, there might be traffic accidents happening along the way. Therefore it is necessary to decrease traffic hazards as much as possible. One way is to use W-beam railings, and not only on the hazardous parts of the roads, but also in the parking lots. Diamond Fence can offer W-beam railing solution any day.

Life isn’t perfect, the same applies to uneven walking paths or terrains. Best way to improve the walkability is to install the handrails. Here is where we can help! We do mention that a lot – Diamond Fence can help..is here for you…got you covered…bla-bla-bla – but it’s true! We really can.

What else? What else? Of course! Storage enclosure fencing! It has a big part in safety applications. You can either install an enclosure fencing around your storage room, in you basement, maybe you want to isolate something hazardous, or maybe you just want to secure your pallets in your warehouse to decrease the risk of them falling over. In that case installing chain link safety applications could be one of the best security solutions.

We also stress that safety measurements include keeping your existing fence maintained and old damages fixed. Here is where Diamond Fence can help you out with general repairs to wire fencing, or with other kind of metal fence and gate repairs.

If you are not sure what safety solutions your home, building site or any other location requires, then do not hesitate and contact Diamond Fence. We are more then happy to discuss and come up with the safety solution that will work well and make sure that your safety does come first! We can either supply and install, or supply only any metal fencing and safety solutions.

Therefore don’t wait! Call us on (03) 9753 4566 , shoot us an email on info@diamondfence.com.au , or just get a FREE online quote.